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CPS Lab at UiO for Cyber Physical Systems

The CPS Lab focuses on a number of Enabling Technologies and their Applications having the physical organization divided into several Spaces pursuing the following goals:

(A) Provide a hands-on opportunity to several IFI courses taught at BSc and MSc levels, and MSc projects, inside the topics covered by this Lab. The topics of CPS Lab are meant to complement existing Lab initiatives at IFI and elsewhere, as far as we are aware of them (e.g., the Smart Grid lab of NTNU).

(B) Provide an open space for various MSc Topics offered at IFI by the applicants and others that want to use the Lab.

(C) Provide a platform for Industry to interact directly with IFI students by providing concrete problems through the Lab (e.g., as devices that need some form of investigation).

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The technologies listed below are interconnected and relevant to each other. In consequence, the division into spaces is more for organization purposes, since these will often interact with each other. For example, the privacy and security space will use the hardware of the first two spaces, and work on relevant problems coming from those spaces.

Enabling Technologies
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Networking and Wireless communication technologies
  • Modelling, Verification, and Simulation tools
  • eHealth and eHospitals
  • Critical Infrastructures design and monitoring
  • Security monitoring
  • Privacy evaluation
  • Energy management services


The spaces occupy a specific area, all located inside the same room of the Lab. High interaction between the spaces is expected, and the Lab administrator has overview over all their activities.

  1. Networks space
  2. IoT space
  3. Privacy space
  4. Smart Grid and Energy Informatics space

Spaces 1 and 2 provide basic cyber physical infrastructure for the other two spaces.

Structure of the CPS Lab

The CPS Lab is a collaboration between several environments at IFI and elsewhere

  • Networks and Distributed Systems group (ND)
  • Precise Modelling and Analysis group (PMA)
  • Wireless Networks and Security group at UNIK
  • ConSeRNS interdisciplinary group
  • Energy Informatics initiative at UiO
  • Department of Networks at Simula Research Laboratory

We plan also cooperations with Trondheim where they plan a Lab from Smart Grid more oriented towards the existing hardware, whereas we focus more on software.

Research Projects affiliated

  • IoTSec (NFR-IKTPLUSS funded)
  • INTEGRARE (UiO:Energy - Japan collaboration)
  • TIDENET (UiO - Simula collaboration, funded by NFR-FRINATEK)
  • SCOTT (UiO coordinator and several industry partners)
  • SmartNEM (NFR-EnergiX funded)

Relevant courses and education

  • UNIK4700, UNIK4750, UNIK4710
  • INF5140, INF5906, INF4140,
  • INF5040, INF5360, INF5870
  • MSc topics (from ND, PMA, and ConSeRNS pages, and from UNIK and projects)

MSc opportunities

Many topics related to Cyber Physical Systems exist which can be carried out within the CPS lab, both application and technical oriented, both with industry and use case. Internship possibilities exist in the companies involved in the lab (or other related collaborators s.a. below).

Contact any of the affiliated persons.

Industrial Cooperations

We are having collaborations with the institutions below :

  • Hafslund
  • eSmart Systems
  • Powel
  • DNV-GL
  • Schneider Electric
  • Statnett

Tags: IoT, cyber-physical systems, smart home, multi metrics, privacy, trust
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Ole Johan Dahls hus (map)
Gaustadalléen 23 B
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Christian Johansen

Frank Eliassen

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