Infoware: Middleware Services for Information Sharing in Ad-hoc Networks (completed)

About the project

Ad-hoc networking has been recognized as an important research area, and there are basically two types of technological developments that have enabled ad-hoc networks: first, end-user devices, like PDAs, are small and light enough to carry them around and use them whenever and wherever it suits, and second, wireless network interfaces are available (and affordable) for these types of devices.

While most research on ad-hoc networks so far has aimed at routing mechanisms and service location, this project focuses on:

  • content management, including automatic ad-hoc integration of multimedia content from different sources,
  • seamless integration of content distribution infrastructures with ad-hoc networks,
  • efficient and fault-tolerance management and control mechanisms, and
  • protection of resources and data with appropriate security mechanisms.

It is the goal of this project, to develop a set of services for information access and sharing in ad-hoc networks. These services are located on top of the (ad-hoc) network layer and below the applications and are therefore regarded as middleware services. These middleware services shall basically provide information and network integration.


01-apr-2003 - 30-mar-2007


Norwegian Research Council


Research Partners: Thales Communications AS, Oregon Health Science University

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