JCOP: Joint Cyber Security Operations Platform

About the project

The project aims to design, develop and deliver a Joint Cybersecurity Operations Platform (JCOP) tailored to the needs of EU Member State authorities entrusted with cybersecurity, providing a holistic cybersecurity operations solution, which includes: (i) Cyber ​​Threat Intelligence; (ii) Incident Response, and; (iii) Cybersecurity Operations Training Capability. JCOP will facilitate the shared situational awareness, preparedness, and coordinated incident response with the cybersecurity structures and mechanisms established under the Directive on network security and information systems (NIS Directive).

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JCOP is a prototypical implementation of Commission Recommendation (EU) 2017/1584 of 13 September 2017 on coordinated response to large-scale cybersecurity incidents and crises C / 2017/6100  and a model that can be applied to all EU Member States. JCOP will be aligned with pertinent EU platforms and initiatives, such as the MeliCERTes platform, the Empowering EU ISACs project for information sharing between Operators of Essential Services (OES), and the four pilots of the EU Cybersecurity Competence Network. 

JCOP will be deployed and validated through the creation of a Southeast Europe Coordinated Response Cluster, including the National Security Authorities of Greece (Ministry of Digital Governance, National Cyber ​​Security Authority - NCSA) and Cyprus (Cypriot Digital Security Authority - DSA). This will demonstrate the capacity- and coordination-building impact of JCOP at the national (national JCOP instances) and the EU level (national JCOP along with EU cybersecurity bodies, CSIRT Network, CERT-EU, and ENISA). In addition to the Southeast Europe Coordinated Response Cluster, the Norwegian National Security Authority - NSM will contribute to the validation of JCOP's applicability.

The Role of UiO

University of Oslo is in charge of capacity building, sustainable impact creation, and the integration of JCOP into the existing SOC capabilities / infrastructure of the National Security Authorities of Greece, Cyprus, and Norway. The University of Oslo also supports the activities pertinent to developing the JCOP toolkit. Components of JCOP will be based on existing research outputs from the Digital Security Group (SEC) of UiO.


Technical University of Crete (Coordinator), Greece
Hellenic Ministry of Digital Governance - National Cyber ​​Security Authority, Greece
Sphynx Analytics Ltd (SANL), Cyprus
Digital Security Authority of Cyprus (DSA), Cyprus
Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany
University of Oslo ( UiO) - Department of Informatics, Norway
Norwegian National Security Authority (NSM), Norway


European Health and Digital Executive Agency under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) - Telecommunications Sector

Selected publications

  • Zych, M., & Mavroeidis, V. (2022, June). Enhancing the STIX Representation of MITER ATT & CK for Group Filtering and Technique Prioritization. In  European Conference on Cyber ​​Warfare and Security  (Vol. 21, No. 1, pp. 385-391).
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