Omodis: Object-Oriented Modeling and Database-Support for Distributed Systems (completed)

About the project

The move towards Distributed (Multimedia) Systems, in particular in the context of the Global Information Infrastructure and related applications, has produced requirements for the integration of database systems into distributed multimedia systems, with both modeling support and extended database mechanisms support. Object-oriented technology provides a good basis for such an integration. The ISO DIS 10746 Reference Model for Open Distributed Processing (ODP), and distributed object technologies such as OMG CORBA with extended multimedia support and high-speed communication such as ATM, provide a good basis for the integration of database-oriented modeling and services, but also put forward new requirements for modeling and database support. Objective: The objective of OMODIS (phase I) is to create basic research results within the domain of modeling for distributed multimedia systems with emphasis on object-oriented modeling and Quality of Service modeling, based on a distributed persistent object architecture. We propose to extend the project with a phase II which delivers basic research results within database support for distributed multimedia systems with emphasis on transaction processing and object modeling & query processing. The application domains we focus on are distributed teaching and project environments, but the results will also be applicable in other application domains that use distributed object technology.


Funding: Norwegian Research Council


Research Partners: SINTEF

Published Mar. 15, 2011 10:27 AM - Last modified Aug. 7, 2013 10:02 AM