Contributions at NordiCHI 2018, Oslo, Norway - Workshop: Inclusion through Design and Use of Digital Learning Environments: Issues, Methods and Stories

List of contributions

1. Gro Skåland. A voyage with the Sheffield Hardware Hackers - report from a visit to Sheffield, June 2018.

2. Miriam Nes Begnum, Triggering Universal Design in HE Digitalization

Slides Miriam

3. Joni Wing-Yan Mok, Advancing web accessibility to be more dyslexia-friendly

4. Marthe Nicoline Elsrud, Experiencing accessibility in Higher Education

5. Till Halbach, Universal Design for Informal Learning

6. Jo Herstad, What time is it? Using autonomous technologies in a

learning environment

7. Anders Kluge, Multiple expressions and perceived conflicts

8. Anders Mørch, Louise Mifsud, Siv Eie, Renate Andersen, Issues and Methods for Inclusion in Collaborative Learning Activities with Integrated Domain-Oriented Digital Learning Environments: The Case of Minecraft in Social Studies in Teacher Education in Norway

9. Andrea Gasparini, Digital Learning in the new era of Artificial Intelligence

10. Ying Hua, Universal design of user interfaces supporting learning in educational sector at different levels

11. Fahd Newaz “Error eleven (11) Please open the iRobot App for help.”

12. Diana Saplacan, "Well, if it's only 5%, who cares?!" - We should!

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