PhD committee at ITS and template for project description

The PhD committee at the Department of Technology Systems (ITS) has the coordinating responsibility for the research training at the institute. The committee's tasks include professional evaluation of applications, recommendation for admission and follow-up of PhD candidates and supervisors through annual reporting.

Roles                            Representatives

Leader:                                    Josef Noll

Permanent academic:             Marianne Zeyringer, Torbjørn Skauli

PhD candidate:                       Mari Øgaard

Secretary:                               Ida Elisabeth Rydning  


The members of the PhD committee are appointed for 4 years with the exception of the PhD candidate for 2 years. The committee consists of a leader, a permanent scientific employee and a PhD candidate. The administration has the secretary role.
The chair of the PhD committee is representative of the institute in the PhD program at the Faculty of Mathmatics.


Download Template for PhD Project Description (word)


The induction conversation is a form that addresses the candidate's and supervisor's expectations for the PhD study. Forms must be used at ITS for all candidates admitted to a PhD program. The tool is used before the application for admission to the PhD study is submitted to the PhD committee.




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