Welcome to a talk by Yuan-Chih Lin on a new concept for the next-generation green hydrogen technology

Green hydrogen technology is one of the key solutions to the global climate change. -In the HERA (Hydrogen Energy Rechargeable Architectures) project, we are developing a new solar-driven energy device that can simultaneously produce hydrogen from seawater and store it,says Lin.

Yuan-Chih Lin is a researcher at UiO. He works at the HERA project.The aim of the project is to set the priorities for an environment, climate and health research agenda in the EU.

The most important components of this new device are electrodes used for splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen molecules and for hydrogen storage. With proper design of the electrode materials and device architecture, the new setup can serve as a sustainable energy system to provide renewable hydrogen energy with only the input of solar energy and seawater.

The talk is open for the public.

Cake&coffee/tea will be served.



Publisert 19. nov. 2021 15:45 - Sist endret 19. nov. 2021 15:45