Smart Meter (AMS) Security Analysis

Within January 2019 all electricity customers in Norway will have to use smart meters. These smart meters will become part of the ”Avanserte Måle- og Styringssystemer” (Automatic Meter Systems - AMS), and include that users can have a better information on their electricity usage, a more accurate billing of their consumption and the opportunity for automatic controlling of the power consumption. Pilots have already been running at several places in Norway. Academia, Grid distributors, Industry, and Consumer Organisations have joined through the initiative to discuss security and privacy related to the services and infrastructures in an AMS.

This thesis will focus on security and privacy of the meters themselves. The thesis will compare smart meters with other infrastructures like payment terminals, and provide a classification of security of the components of the smart meter.

See project link. Ask for discussions with one of the supervisors, for more information or variations of the project.

Various paths can be explored and we decide about it together with the student.

This thesis can be interacting with the ongoing project IoTSec -Security in IoT for Smart Grids.




Tags: security, IoT, AMI, AMS, smart meters, IoTSec, sikkerhet
Published Feb. 1, 2017 9:12 AM - Last modified Feb. 1, 2017 9:12 AM

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