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Picture of Ingrid Kristine Glad Glad, Ingrid Kristine Professor +47 22855879 Statistics, Statistics and biostatistics, Machine Learning
Picture of Aleksander Grochowicz Grochowicz, Aleksander Doctoral Research Fellow Mathematics, Energy, Dynamical Systems, Energy systems, Uncertainty analyses
Picture of John Grue Grue, John Professor +47 22855839 Mechanics, Fluid mechanics, Energy
Picture of Olav Gundersen Gundersen, Olav Senior Engineer +47 22855981 Mechanics
Picture of Erik Habbestad Habbestad, Erik Doctoral Research Fellow Mathematics, Operator algebras
Picture of Ingrid Hobæk Haff Haff, Ingrid Hobæk Associate Professor +47 22855899 Statistics and biostatistics
Picture of Anders Christian Hansen Hansen, Anders Christian Adjunct Professor Mathematics, Operator algebras
Hansen, Nikolai Bjørnestøl Teaching staff Mathematics, Geometry and topology
Picture of Fabian Andsem Harang Harang, Fabian Andsem Postdoctoral Fellow Stochastic analysis and finance and insurance and risk
Picture of Lucas Hataishi Hataishi, Lucas Doctoral Research Fellow Operator Algebras, Quantum Groups
Picture of Inge Svein Helland Helland, Inge Svein Professor Emeritus +47 22855873 +4793688918 93688918 Statistics, Statistics and biostatistics
Picture of Gard Olav Helle Helle, Gard Olav Doctoral Research Fellow Geometry and topology
Picture of Jostein Hellesland Hellesland, Jostein Professor Emeritus +4799630271 +47 9963 0271 Mechanics, Solid mechanics
Picture of Gudmund Horn Hermansen Hermansen, Gudmund Horn Associate Professor +47 22855884 Statistics, Statistics and biostatistics
Hjort, Anders Doctoral Research Fellow Boosted trees, house price prediction
Picture of Nils Lid Hjort Hjort, Nils Lid Professor +47 22855954 Statistics, Statistics and biostatistics
Picture of Martin Hornkjøl Hornkjøl, Martin Doctoral Research Fellow Partial Differential Equations, Machine Learning, Mathematical modeling
Picture of Fei Hu Hu, Fei Postdoctoral Fellow Algebraic Dynamics, Arithmetic Dynamics, Algebraic Geometry, Complex Dynamics
Picture of Aliaksandr Hubin Hubin, Aliaksandr Postdoctoral Fellow +4745171361 Bayesian Statistics, Model selection, Probabilistic Machine Learning, Operations Research
Picture of Arne Bang Huseby Huseby, Arne Bang Professor +47 22855860 +47 90125434 Statistics, Stochastic analysis and finance and insurance and risk
Picture of Bjørn Jahren Jahren, Bjørn Professor Emeritus +47 22855908 Mathematics, Geometry and topology
Picture of Mathijs Adriaan Janssen Janssen, Mathijs Adriaan Postdoctoral Fellow biophysics, membrane modelling, chemical kinetics, electrokinetic phenomena
Picture of Atle Jensen Jensen, Atle Professor +47 22855841 +47 92462282 Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, water waves, multiphase flow, PIV, PTV
Picture of Nils Asbjørn Voje Johansen Johansen, Nils Asbjørn Voje Lecturer +47 22855863
Picture of Kenneth Aksel Hvistendahl Karlsen Karlsen, Kenneth Aksel Hvistendahl Professor +47 22855948 Mathematics, Partial Differential Equations, China, Brazil, Russia, USA