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Picture of Giovanni Domenico Di Salvo Di Salvo, Giovanni Domenico Doctoral Research Fellow Mathematics, Complex Analysis, Algebra
Picture of Mari Dahl Eggen Eggen, Mari Dahl Doctoral Research Fellow stochastics, Geophysics, Seismology, ML
Ellingsrud, Geir Professor Emeritus +47 22855911 +47 91708612 Mathematics, Algebra and algebraic geometry
Picture of Floris Elzinga Elzinga, Floris Doctoral Research Fellow Mathematics, Operator algebras, Quantum groups
Picture of Ulrik Bo Rufus Enstad Enstad, Ulrik Bo Rufus Doctoral Research Fellow Mathematics, Operator algebras
Picture of André Henrik Erhardt Erhardt, André Henrik Postdoctoral Fellow Mathematics, Partial Differential Equations, Dynamical Systems, Mathematical Analysis, (Numerical) Bifurcation Analysis
Picture of Grete Usterud Fenstad Fenstad, Grete Usterud Professor Emeritus +47 22855759 Statistics and biostatistics, Statistics
Picture of Andrea Fiacco Fiacco, Andrea Doctoral Research Fellow Stochastic Analysis, Mathematical Finance, energy markets
Picture of Ulrik Skre Fjordholm Fjordholm, Ulrik Skre Associate Professor +47 22856029 Nonlinear PDEs, Numerical methods for PDEs, Hyperbolic conservation laws, differential equations, Computational Mathematics
Picture of Michael S. Floater Floater, Michael S. Professor +47 22854036 geometric modelling, approximation theory, numerical analysis
Friedemann, Christopher John Mechanics, Fluid mechanics
Picture of Kim Anders Frøyshov Frøyshov, Kim Anders Associate Professor +47 22855937 Geometry and topology
Picture of Luca Eva Gazdag Gazdag, Luca Eva Doctoral Research Fellow deep learning, neural networks, computability theory
Picture of Michele Giordano Giordano, Michele Doctoral Research Fellow Mathematics, Mathematical Finance, Stochastic Analysis
Picture of Bjørn Gjevik Gjevik, Bjørn Professor emeritus Mechanics, Fluid mechanics
Picture of Ingrid Kristine Glad Glad, Ingrid Kristine Professor +47 22855879 Statistics, Statistics and biostatistics
Picture of John Grue Grue, John Professor +47 22855839 Mechanics, Fluid mechanics, Energy
Picture of Jørund Inge Gåsemyr Gåsemyr, Jørund Inge +47 22855960 Statistics, Insurance and risk
Picture of Erik Habbestad Habbestad, Erik Doctoral Research Fellow Mathematics, Operator algebras
Picture of Ingrid Hobæk Haff Haff, Ingrid Hobæk Associate Professor +47 22855899 Statistics and biostatistics
Picture of Anders Christian Hansen Hansen, Anders Christian Professor II Mathematics, Operator algebras
Hansen, Nikolai Bjørnestøl Mathematics, Geometry and topology
Picture of Fabian Andsem Harang Harang, Fabian Andsem Postdoctoral Fellow Stochastic analysis and finance and insurance and risk
Picture of Alice Petronella Hedenlund Hedenlund, Alice Petronella Doctoral Research Fellow +47 92211423 Mathematics, topology, Algebraic topology
Picture of Inge Svein Helland Helland, Inge Svein Professor Emeritus +47 22855873 +4793688918 93688918 Statistics, Statistics and biostatistics