Snorre Harald Christiansen

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Phone +47-22857774
Room 1014
Visiting address Ullevål stadion Sognsveien 77 B 0855 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 1053 Blindern 0316 OSLO
Tags: Partial Differential Equations, Centre of Mathematics for Applications - CMA, Mathematics


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  • Christiansen, Snorre H (2016). On curvature of piecewise flat manifolds.
  • Christiansen, Snorre H (2016). Uniformly stable finite elements for convection diffusion equations.
  • Christiansen, Snorre H (2013). Constraint preservation in Lattice Gauge Theory.
  • Christiansen, Snorre H (2013). Dual finite elements for Calderon preconditioning of the Electric Field Integral Equation.
  • Christiansen, Snorre H (2013). Finite element systems of differential forms.

View all works in Cristin

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