Polar geometry

A conference celebrating the work of Ragni Piene on the occasion of her 70th birthday.

Ragni Piene

Invited speakers:

Paolo Aluffi (FSU)
Alicia Dickenstein (Buenos Aires)
Sandra di Rocco (Stockholm)
Lothar Göttsche (Trieste)
Steven Kleiman (MIT)
Raquel Mallavibarrena (Madrid)
Dusa McDuff (Barnard)
Elisa Postinghel (Loughborough)
Jørgen Vold Rennemo (Oxford)
Israel Vainsencher (UFMG)
Bernard Teissier (Jussieu)
Nelly Villamizar (RICAM)
The talks will take place in Auditorium 2, in the Vilhelm Bjerknes building at the University of Oslo.

Program and abstracts

Registred participants



Organizing committee:

John Christian Ottem (Oslo)
Kristian Ranestad (Oslo)
Jørgen Vold Rennemo (Oxford)


Contact information

John Christian Ottem


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