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Tønsberg is generally regarded as Norway's oldest town. According to the old Norse sagas it was founded before AD 872, although this is disputed by modern-day historians. Throughout the middle ages, Tønsberg remained a centre of political power, and a fortress was established on the big hill which is now called Slottsfjellet (Castle Hill). Several of the viking ships in the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo were found near Tønsberg. The fortress was burned down by the Swedes in 1503 but some of the ruins remain. A further fire demolished most of the rest of the town in 1536. The town recovered in the 18th century and became an important port and a whaling centre. Today, Tønsberg is the capital of the Vestfold county, and the centre of a very popular summer holiday area for Norwegians.


The easiest way to get to Tønsberg is by plane to Oslo Airport, Gardermoen, or the (much closer) Sandefjord Airport, Torp.


Oslo Airport, Gardermoen is situated about 160 km north of Tønsberg and is served by many international airlines. From Oslo Airport there are direct trains to Tønsberg. The trains run virtually every hour on weekdays, bound for either Larvik or Skien, take 1hr 45min to Tønsberg, and cost NOK 336 (one way). There are fewer trains on Saturdays and Sundays.


Torp Airport is a local airport located 20 km from Tønsberg. The airport is served by several international airlines, including KLM and Ryanair, and there are several daily flights to Copenhagen, Amsterdam and London (Stansted Airport). From Torp you may either take a taxi, bus, or train to Tønsberg.

There are trains leaving Torp station for Tønsberg virtually every hour. The journey takes 20 mins. There is a bus service from the airport to the station.

There is also a direct bus service from the airport to Tønsberg. This bus is called 'Telemarksekspressen'. The journey time is 28 mins.


The walk from the railway or bus station to the conference hotel is about 10 mins. There are also taxis available at the railway station.

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