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  • dunkel-teacher-award-crop Kristina Dunkel receives the "Teacher of the Year"-award Oct. 14, 2020

    The students at the department of Geosciences every year give the "Teacher of the year"-award to the lecturer they find worthy of it. This year the award was given to Njord's postdoc Kristina Dunkel, only two years after our center leader Bjørn Jamtveit got the same award.

  • varm-klode-kaldt-hode "Hot planet, cool minds" - an overview of what we actually need to do for climate change Oct. 5, 2020

    Climate change is a hot topic, for obvious and good reasons, and there is much discussion about what we need to do. To reach the goals for climate change we need to reduce the world's greenhouse gas emission drasticly, in fact so much that the emissions are less than zero within a couple of decades. Is that even possible?

  • utstilling2 The Art of Porous Media Sep. 29, 2020

    Beauty can be found in the most ordinary of things. Some of the greatest scientists that ever lived endorse this viewpoint. Richard Feynman, in one of his many strokes of pure genius boldly spoke about the several layers of beauty that he - a curious observer of reality - could see in a flower. His “Ode to a Flower” is filled to the brim with the scientific and aesthetic joy.

  • oumuamua The possible origin of the cosmic dust bunny Sep. 21, 2020

    Jane X. Luu, Eirik G. Flekkøy and Renaud Toussaint tell the story about cosmic dust-bunnies and how they are created in the last issue of Astrophysical Journal Letters.

  • jessica-ann-mcbeck-2-150px Jessica McBeck recognized as an outstanding reviewer by AGU June 30, 2020

    In appreciation of AGU’s Outstanding Reviewers of 2019 AGU editors recognize the contributions of reviewers, whose valuable expertise continues to raise our journals’ high standards.