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  • luca-nature-article A new model for the generation of deep earthquakes Mar. 19, 2020

    Deep intracontinental earthquakes are poorly understood, despite their potential to cause significant destruction. In a recently published article in Nature Communications, a study done in Lofoten by an international project led by Njord's Luca Menegon, has shed new light on the mechanisms through which earthquakes are triggered up to 40km beneath the earth’s surface. With the insight from this study, researchers hope to be able to help at-risk communities in the future from the danger these earthquakes poses.

  • cdc-w9keokhajkw-unsplash---komp Njord and COVID-19 Mar. 19, 2020

    As the Corona-virus (COVID-19) hit Norway and the pandemic started spreading at a alarming speed, all the University of Oslo was as of March 12th 6PM closed down for all students and staff.

  • arsrapport-2019-ner The Njord Annual Report 2019 is finally here! Mar. 2, 2020
  • pseudotachylyte1-1038x576 The Documentary: "Pseudotachylyte" Feb. 26, 2020

    In the documentary ‘Pseudotachylyte’, film maker Hedi Morstang follows a group of researchers, including Njord's Luca Menegon, on their expedition in Lofoten. The documentary aims to portray scientists exploring landscape; through the microscopic view of the world to an understanding of deep time. The beautiful images from picturesque Lofoten, the slow pace and the observing point of view gives the documentary an almost meditative effect and gives the audience room for reflection.

  • courmayeur_flickr02 Anniversary seminar on porous media in Courmayeur Feb. 5, 2020

    To celebrate the 60 year anniversary of professor at Njord and Deputy Director of PoreLab SFF Knut Jørgen Måløy, PoreLab hosted a three day seminar in the Italian alps from January 27-30.