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About the centre

Njord is a cross-disciplinary geoscience-physics centre at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. We aim to become one of the main UiO cross-disciplinary ‘drivers’ for the future development of Physical Sciences in general, and Earth and Space related research in particular.

The centre is lead by director François Renard. It comprises around 50 members from both the Department of Physics and the Department of Geosciences. These are mainly from two groups: 

  • Porelab CoE Oslo - the Oslo-branch of the joint CoE between the UiO and NTNU.
  • Physics in Geological Processes (PGP) - former CoE 2003-2013

We believe there is an obvious and considerable potential for increased synergies between physics and geoscience at UiO by merging PGP and PoreLab CoE Oslo onto a joint organizational platform. 

Njord's logo found in the cross-section of a rock, during field work on Svalbard. The rock was found after the logo was designed. Photo: Frank B. B. Guldstrand

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Visiting address:

4th floor, west wing, Physics Building
Sem Sælands vei 24
Blindern, University of Oslo


Postal address:
P.O. 1048 Blindern
0316 Oslo