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Njord is led by director François Renard. Njord comprise two main sections: PGP and Porelab. Section leaders are Luca Menegon for PGP and Knut-Jørgen Måløy & Eirik Grude Flekkøy co-lead Porelab UiO.

The scientific staff of Njord includes five members from the PGP section of the Department of Geosciences, two members from PoreLab Oslo and three members from the Condensed Matter Physics section of the Department of Physics. Njord is directed by the Njord director, François Renard. The board is comprised of the Vice Dean of Research at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and the Heads of Departments of Geosciences and Physics. The Chair of the Board is the head of the Physics Department.

Njord leadership furthermore includes a leader group comprised of the director and sections leaders as well as six representatives of projects at the center and at the sections.

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