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Strategy and goals


  • Maintain and develop a world leading cross-disciplinary research center in physical sciences at UiO with focus on a fundamental understanding of the dynamics of fluid-solid systems with Earth-like complexity.
  • Build the next generation of computational competences and experimental laboratory facilities for the study of processes in fluid-rock / fluid porous-media systems in 4D from molecular to field scales.
  • Provide a unique basis for making predictions relevant for CO2-sequestration, exploration and exploitation of natural resources, transport of contaminants in geo-systems, avalanches, landslides, and other geohazards.
  • Generate an outstanding environment for research-based education at the Masters and PhD levels.
  • Make complex Earth systems visible in the public sphere.
  • Submit one successful ERC Advanced or Synergy grant and one ERC Startup or Consolidator grants within the first 5 year period, and establish a new CoE with a NJORD PI within the next 10 years.

Research strategyRock face in a dry area.

  • To create an interactive co-localized organization of geoscientist and physicists conducting field geology, theory, numerical modeling and experiments in concert
  • Be an active and often leading partner in international collaborations
  • Participate in national and international projects (IODP, ICDP, Inter-Reg MAXIVESSFUN, EXCITE) and be a user of large-scale national and international facilities where Norway is a partner (ESRF, ESS, IFE, IOR, The Goldschmidt Lab I).

Education strategy

  • Research based education – learning by doing. Close collaboration with the Center for Computation in Science Education directed by Anders MaltheSørenssen.
  • NJORD staff members will normally participate in the education at all levels at their respective Departments with the normal workload associated with teaching at UiO. Exceptions may apply to staff involved in CoE’s and staff in leading roles. Impact through outreach and innovation
  • Collaborations with leading artists, including composer Natasha Barrett and visual artist Ellen Karin Mæhlum, to produce joint exhibits and hosting artists in our laboratories.
  • Frequent presence in the media.
  • Extend existing collaborations with the private sector (Statoil, Total, VBPR, IRIS) through joint participations in research projects.
  • Provide competences and resources to develop the Physical Sciences at UiO in the future.
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