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People at Njord

The people at Njord makes a diverse group. Diverse in disciplines, affilitation and in nationality. We embrace this diversity, and feel that it is one of our major strengths. It is some of what makes us able to keep reaching new heights.

Prof. François Renard is the center director.

Persons 1 - 50 of 50
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of John Aiken Aiken, John Researcher machine learning, saving the polar bears
Picture of Luiza Angheluta-Bauer Angheluta-Bauer, Luiza Professor +47 22856763 Statistical physics, Complex systems, Condensed matter physics
Picture of Andreas Grøvan Aspaas Aspaas, Andreas Grøvan Doctoral Research Fellow +47 92469985
Picture of Claire Olga Maryse Aupart Aupart, Claire Olga Maryse Researcher +47 46572793
Picture of Håkon Olav  Austrheim Austrheim, Håkon Olav Professor emeritus Geologi, Metamorf petrologi
Baldelli, Beatrice Doctoral Research Fellow +47 48655989
Picture of Fabian Barras Barras, Fabian Postdoctoral Fellow +47 45399148
Picture of Coline Lili Mathy Bouchayer Bouchayer, Coline Lili Mathy Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Joachim Falck Brodin Brodin, Joachim Falck Doctoral Research Fellow +47 99108120
Cordonnier, Benoit Researcher
Picture of Kristina Dunkel Dunkel, Kristina Postdoctoral Fellow +47 48621239
Picture of Dag Kristian Dysthe Dysthe, Dag Kristian Professor +47 22856043 +47 90940996
Picture of Joanna Dziadkowiec Dziadkowiec, Joanna Postdoctoral Fellow +47 96758932 +47 96758932 SFA, calcite
Picture of Joanna Dziadkowiec Dziadkowiec, Joanna Postdoktor +47 96758932 +47 96758932 SFA, calcite
Picture of Fredrik Kvalheim Eriksen Eriksen, Fredrik Kvalheim Researcher +47 45467194
Picture of Eirik Grude Flekkøy Flekkøy, Eirik Grude Professor +47 22855034
Picture of Anne Claire Mireille Fouilloux Fouilloux, Anne Claire Mireille Senior Engineer +47 22844779
Picture of Olivier Galland Galland, Olivier Forsker +47 22856719 +47 45466385
Picture of Marthe Grønlie Guren Guren, Marthe Grønlie Doctoral Research Fellow +47 98053508
Picture of Geir Helgesen Helgesen, Geir Professor II +47 67918316
Picture of Yi Hu Hu, Yi Senior Engineer +47 22854194 +47 96756077 instrumentation, microfluidic, fluorescence microscopy, physics
Picture of Bjørn Jamtveit Jamtveit, Bjørn Prodekan for forskning +47 22856612
Picture of Mihailo Jankov Jankov, Mihailo Senior Engineer +47 22856539 +47 98833229 instrumentation, magneto-optics, AMCS, physics, Flow, porous media
Johnson, James Ronald Doctoral Research Fellow +47 92348654
Kandula, Neelima
Picture of Maya Kobchenko Kobchenko, Maya Forsker
Korkolis, Evangelos Postdoctoral Fellow +31649188504 Seismology, Earthquakes, Geophysics, Geohazards, Granular media
Le Borgne, Tanguy Professor 2
Linga, Gaute Postdoctoral Fellow +47 41227710
Picture of Anders Malthe-Sørenssen Malthe-Sørenssen, Anders Professor +47 22856477 +47 91198853
Mathiesen, Joachim Professor 2
Picture of Jessica Ann McBeck McBeck, Jessica Ann Researcher
Picture of Luca Menegon Menegon, Luca Professor +47 22856725 +47 45895362
Picture of Stephen Michalchuk Michalchuk, Stephen Doctoral Research Fellow +4714039933450
Picture of Marcel Moura Moura, Marcel Researcher +47 95453499 Fracture dynamics, Flow in porous media, Complex systems, Potential flows, Vortex dynamics
Picture of Knut Jørgen Måløy Måløy, Knut Jørgen Professor +47 22856524 +47 41323979
Picture of Even Marius Nordhagen Nordhagen, Even Marius Doctoral Research Fellow +47 48043633 +47 480 43 633
Picture of Kristian Stølevik Olsen Olsen, Kristian Stølevik Researcher
Picture of Arianne J. Petley-Ragan Petley-Ragan, Arianne J. Research Fellow 93922853 Metamorphism, Earthquakes, Rock-fluid interactions, Rock deformation, Mineralogy, field work
Picture of Ole Rabbel Rabbel, Ole Doctoral Research Fellow Geophysics, Numerical Modeling, Magmatic processes, Fracture formation
Picture of Mohammad Amin Razbani Razbani, Mohammad Amin Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of François Renard Renard, François Professor +47 22857740 Geology, Geophysics, Geochemistry, Remote sensing, Geohazards, Hydrogeology, Geomechanics, Environmental Geology, Materialvitenskap og -teknologi
Picture of Anja Røyne Røyne, Anja Senior Lecturer +47 22844175 +47 92629319 +47 92629319 AFM, Condensed matter physics, porous media, Experiments, Geology
Picture of Daniel Schmid Schmid, Daniel Førstelektor +47 22856491 Geologi, Strukturgeologi
Picture of Vidar Skogvoll Skogvoll, Vidar Doctoral Research Fellow +47 99521484
Picture of Louison Thorens Thorens, Louison Doctoral Research Fellow +33615312437
Picture of Nina Mino Thorud Thorud, Nina Mino Senior Executive Officer +47 22856045 +47 45217089
Picture of Nina Mino Thorud Thorud, Nina Mino Seniorkonsulent +47 22856045 +47 45217089
Picture of Kjetil Thøgersen Thøgersen, Kjetil Researcher +47 90052669 90052669
Toussaint, Renaud Adjunct Professor +33673142994