Njord poster session

At the poster session we will have a look at some of our researchers' most recent posters and our new junior researchers will present their themselves and their projects.

Section of picture by Kristina Dunkel.
Program Presentations and questions

Meet and greet :) 

15:15-15:25 Vidar Skogvoll "The phase-field crystal"
15:25-15:35 Zakarias Laberg Hejlesen: "​Finite Temperature Effects in Bose-Einstein Condensates"
15:35-15:45 Coline Boucayer: "Past, present and future evolution of the Mer de Glace glacier (French Alps)".
15:45-15:55 Fabian Barras: "Modelling the interplay between earthquake ruptures and fluid migration in the crust"
15:55-16:00 Break
16:00-16:10 Gaute Linga: "Modelling fluid flow in a fracture"
16:10-16:20 Claire Aupart: "Early cataclasis in serpentinites from the Oman ophiolite"
16:20-16:30 Joachim Falck Brodin: "Gravitational effects on two-phase flow in porous media"
16:30-16:40 Louison Thorens: "Tunable interactions inside deformable porous media"
16:40-16:50 Ole Rabbel: TBA


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