Outstanding reviewer at Communications Earth & Environment for Njord researcher Jess McBeck

We at the Njord Center are very proud to congratulate our researcher Jess McBeck for being recognised as an outstanding reviewer for her contributions to peer review at Communications Earth & Environment.



Jess McBeck works on understanding the evolving characteristics of facture networks and train fields.

Jess McBeck is a researcher at the Njord Centre, Departments of Physics and Geosciences, in the University of Oslo. She studies fracture network coalescence and strain localisation in both experiments and numerical models. The long term goal of her work is to identify the evolving characteristics of fracture networks and strain fields that may help forecast the timing of the next large earthquake.

The featured reviewers at Communications Earth & Environment are those who have:

  • made a significant and positive contribution to the peer review  process, regardless of  whether the paper was eventually accepted by the jurnal;
  • demonstrated professionalism and compassion in their reviews; and
  • provided comments that help the authors to improve their work.









Published May 23, 2022 9:36 AM - Last modified May 23, 2022 9:36 AM