Kristina Dunkel receives the "Teacher of the Year"-award

The students at the department of Geosciences every year give the "Teacher of the year"-award to the lecturer they find worthy of it. This year the award was given to Njord's postdoc Kristina Dunkel, only two years after our center leader Bjørn Jamtveit got the same award.

A woman with light hair, wearing a green sweater and glasses and holding an award.

The award is given by the The Geosciences Subject Committee on behalf of the students at the department. The committee aims to safeguard and promote interests for the students at the Department of Geosciences at The faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciencies, University of Oslo. 

This year the Committee awarded two teachers, and Kristina Dunkel was one of them. The committee writes the following about Kristina:

Kristina has in her first year as a lecturer on mineralogy managed to change people's impression of this subject. She has through good lectures with good summarizing questions been able to increase the students understanding of the subject in general, and thereby also their motivation. She has a lot of knowledge, and a style on her lectures that is by the voters considered one of the better. She ensures in a good way that the students do not fall out, which is highly benificial in a subject that has been viewed previously as demanding.

Kristina is honored and says: "I enjoy teaching a lot, but, particularly as an inexperienced teacher, it can be difficult to gauge how what I do is received by the students. Therefore, I am thrilled to be recognized as one of the "Teachers of the Year". This gives me extra motivation for my next courses."

Congratulations Kristina, well deserved! Judging by the student's testimony you have made a quite impressive accomplishment. We are not surprised by your success and are proud to have you as a part of Njord!

Published Oct. 14, 2020 9:07 PM - Last modified Apr. 23, 2021 2:11 PM