Tom Vincent-Dospital awarded with PhD-prize

Tom Vincent-Dospital has done remarkable research during his time as a PhD, and this has now been recognized by the University of Strasbourg who have awarded him with the PhD prize for 2020. He delivered his PhD thesis the fall of 2020 as a collaboration between the University of Strasbourg and PoreLab at the University of Oslo.

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Tom Vincent-Dospital

This prize is awarded by the University of Strasbourg to 20 PhD fellows every year out of the ~500 fellows defending every year. The prize is awarded after the decision of a jury which is based on the appreciation of the reviewers of the manuscript, letters of support of researchers, directors (i.e. supervisors), the lab and doctoral school. On June 18th the University is arranging a ceremony in Strasbourg where Tom and the other winners will receive their prize.

In addition to performing outstanding research, Tom has an excellent skill for commnication. In the foreward for his thesis Tom writes:

The manuscript you are about to read will, among other things, mention spider webs, neural receptors and the surface temperature of stars. Had you expected a thesis that deals on the physics of rupture, fear not. You are indeed reading one. Yet, going off to a messy start seemed to be rather appropriate. After all, what are fractures if not a form of disorder? 

From January 2021 Tom have been employed as a postdoctoral fellow at PoreLab UiO. We are happy to have him as part of our team, and look forward to what we will accomplish together in the future. Congratulations Tom!


If you want to read some of the published articles Tom have contributed to, have a look at the list below:

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