Physics teacher competence and the culture for teaching and learning in physics departments (with transferability to other science subjects!)

A seminar with guest lectures from Uppsala University

Wednesday, October 25th, 2017  Lille fysiske auditorium, 2 etasje vest, Fysikkbygningen

What are the unique competencies of a good physics teacher? How do university physics (science) departments accommodate student teachers in their courses? Which values and expectations characterise physics department culture – and how do these interact with student teachers’ aspirations, identity and learning? Who is the ‘implied student’ that teachers or lecturers target their teaching at, and what happens when the ‘implied student’ differs from the real students?

Tentative programme


Welcome and introduction

Ellen K. Henriksen


Research on physics teaching and Learning, physics teacher education, and physics culture at Uppsala University

John Airey


How does the culture of physics affect physics teacher education?

Johanna Larsson


Building science teacher identity through an integrated program of study

Cathrine W. Tellefsen and Doris Jorde


Coffee break



The implied physics student: When students' expectations meet teachers' expectations and discipline culture

Maria Vetleseter Bøe


What is a good physics teacher? Views from the UK education community

James de Winter


Who is the good physics teacher? – Views from a Norwegian perspective

Thomas Frågåt


Summary and final discussion

(Ellen K. Henriksen?) Discussant?

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