Annual safety inspections at ITA

The Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics (ITA) conducts annual safety inspections. The inspection is a systematic safety assessment of the workplace and working environment. Employees and students are invited to participate.


The management of ITA, local safety representative and a representative from the staff/students participate in the planning of the annual safety inspection. The inspection is conducted during the Spring or early Fall.

The safety inspection consists of

  • a physical inspection of the premises (office/workplace, common premises, student facilities etc.). Normally, the management of ITA, the local safety representative, a representative from the staff/students and a representative from the Technical department of UiO are present during the inspection.
  • an electronic survey in Nettskjema, where staff/students answer a questionnaire concerning their workplaces, and where they can provide feedback if they wish. 

Staff and students receive an e-mail where they are invited to participate.

The safety inspection results in a report. The report will be reviewed in the local working environment committe (LWEC), where a representative of the Technical Department at UiO will be present. Some of the work in the committee will be based on this report.


Working environment act (see section 3.1)

Forskrift om systematisk helse, miljø og sikkerhetsarbeid § 5 (Norwegian)

Reports - Previous safety inspections conducted by ITA (Norwegian)

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