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Health, safety and environment (HSE)

HSE Goals

The Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics (ITA) shall contribute to a safe and good work environment for all employees and students. HSE is an abbreviation of the term Health, Safety and Environment (Norwegian: HMS).

Emergency numbers

Fire: 110
Police: 112
Ambulance: 113 
Security/alarm: 22 85 66 66

Speak up!


Field work is the collection and/or processing of data at locations other than the normal workplace. Read more about the procedures here

Local work environment committee (LWEC)

The LWEC at ITA works towards establishing a satisfactory work environment.

Local representatives

Safety representative: Hans Arnold Winther

HSE coordinator: Kristine Aall S. Knudsen


Local fire prevention representatives

First aid kits at ITA

  • 2nd floor: corridor, on top of the cupboard next to the printers and photocopier.
  • Basement: in the kitchen of the student facilities. 
  • 1st floor: on the mail shelves.
  • 1st floor: defibrillator (AED) on the mail shelves.
The first aid kit contains antiseptic wipes, adhesive bandages, sterile gauze pads, painkillers (paracetamol or similar), and more.
Questions regarding first aid equipment can be directed to the Head of Office

HSE Training

UiO offers HSE courses in hazardous work. For more information on who shall have courses, see HSE training procedure.

First Aid Course

The faculty is offering basic first aid course to all employees. You will learn skills to handle adverse events at the work place, at home and in your spare time.

Oganisation and roles in the HSE work

Annual HSE surveys

Annual HSE surveys shall ensure the implementation of a systematic investigation of the workplace and the working environment at ITA. Encompasses:
  • Electronic survey
  • Inspection of common areas accompanied by the local safety representative, and representatives from the leadership and students. 

The results of the surveys are revised by the LWEC committee

Faults, defects, cleaning etc.

For inquiries that pertain to daily maintenance, cleaning, parks and grounds, security, waste disposal, internal relocations and transport/courier, use the Estate Department's online message service (In Norwegian).

Miscellaneous resources

Green UiO

HSE - Working Environment

Policies, procedures and tools that safeguard your workplace at UiO