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Institute board

The institute board is the institute's top governing body, and is responsible for establishing overarching goals, priorities and strategies for the department.

Board members (2017-2020)

Institute leader:

Per Barth Lilje

Substitute leader:

Luc H. M. Rouppe van der Voort


Kristine Aall S. Knudsen

Permanent academic staff members:

Mats Carlsson

Boris Gudiksen

Øystein Elgarøy

1. substitute representative: Viggo Hansteen

2. substitute representative: Hans Kristian Kamfjord Eriksen

3. substitute representative: David Fonseca Mota

Temporary academic staff member:

Helle Bakke

1. substitute representative: Henrik Eklund

2. substitute representative: Lars Frogner

Technical and administrative staff member:

Terje Fredvik 

1. substitute representative: Torben Leifsen

2. substitute representative: Lill Kristin Theodorsen

Student representatives:

Renate Mauland

Daniel Christopher Herman

1. substitute representative: Karianne Dyrland

2. substitute representative: Eirik Bratli


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