Center for analysis of astrophysical data

Center for analysis of astrophysical data is an IT resource for the center of excellence RoCS, EU-projects, NFR projects at Institute for theoretical astrophysics and a resource for scientists and students at the institute and international collaborators.

Compute nodes at Center for analysis of astrophysics data

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Contact information:

Facility manager: Torben Leifsen

Location: Sem Sælandsvei 13

0371 Oslo




IT resources:

  • Compute cluster: 125 compute nodes, 3364 cores, 29.5 million core hours/year
  • GPU compute resources
  • Red Hat Enterprise linux and MacOS operating systems
  • Linux and MacOS workstations for analysis of data
  • Data storage: 5,7 PB disk and 3,3 PB tape
  • StorNext shared cluster file system
  • Backbone network: 100 Gb/s
  • Infiniband interconnect: 56 Gb/s FDR
  • Storage network: 16/32 Gb FibreChannel

Description of services:

  • Compilers: Intel and PGI compilers
  • Debugging tools
  • Parallelization: OpenMPI, Intel MPI, OpenMP, OpenACC
  • High performance cluster interconnect: 56 Gb Infiniband
  • High performance storage network: 16 and 32 Gb FibreChannel
  • Backbone network: 100 Gb
  • Node/workstation network: 10Gb and 25 Gb

About Center for analysis of astrophysical data

RoCS and the various projects at the institute is the largest user of the national supercomputer infrastructure and also has access to large international supercomputers. We also have access to large ground based and space based observatories. Both the simulation and observational activities generate large abounds of data that needs to be stored, post processed and analysed. 

Center for analysis of astrophysical data is built with a large and high performance storage system at the core. All compute nodes, analysis machines and workstations are connected to a high speed storage network where all data is stored and available with high bandwidth. Compute nodes are used mainly for post-processing of simulations done on national- and international supercomputer resources and processing of large quantities of observational data.

The centre also hosts a data center that serves the larger international community with data from ESA, JAXA and NASA space based observatories.

Center for analysis of astrophysical data is the main laboratory for Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics.

By Torben Leifsen
Published May 13, 2019 2:04 PM - Last modified Dec. 14, 2020 1:56 PM