Cosmoglobe - Kickoff meeting

Welcome to the inaugural Cosmoglobe kickoff meeting, to be held virtually from June 7-11, 2021.

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In this meeting, we will facilitate an open discussion of avenues for cross-experiment joint Bayesian data analysis of past, current and future experiments, either at the level of time-ordered data or pre-processed pixelized sky maps. Our goal in this meeting is to bring together different state-of-the-art radio, microwave and sub-mm experiments with similar interests and challenges, and address these challenges together through joint Bayesian analysis.

A first demonstration of end-to-end Bayesian analysis was recently showcased in the BeyondPlanck project. As a second real-world example, we will present a preliminary reanalysis of the WMAP K-band time-ordered data within the same end-to-end Bayesian framework.

This meeting will be held entirely virtually, and will include presentations from each participating experiment, as well as many opportunities for formal and informal discussions on the future of cross-experimental data analysis.

In addition to data discussions, we are coordinating with the Pan-Experiment Galactic Science Group, a forum to coordinate efforts on understanding Galactic physics.

Conference Schedule

  • Monday 7 June, 1300 UTC: Introductions to Cosmoglobe (3 hours, global compromise timezone)

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  • Tuesday 8 June, 0600 UTC: Experiment presentations (6 hours, Europe/Asia oriented timezone)

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  • Wednesday 9 June, 1500 UTC: Experiment presentations (7 hours, Europe/America oriented timezone)

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  • Thursday 10 June, 1300 UTC: Galaxy physics (3 hours, global compromise timezone)

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  • Friday 11 June, 1300 UTC: The future of CMB data analysis (3 hours, global compromise timezone).

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Organizing Committee and Contacts

This CMB-focused workshop is hosted by the CMB&CO group and in particular organised by:

Meeting Contact People

Ragnhild AurlienEirik Gjerløw

More info

Cosmoglobe project

"Jakter på svar om universets fødsel"

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