Fredagskollokvium: Galaxy mock catalogues for cosmological surveys

Ismael Ferrero, ITA

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Ismael Ferrero. Foto: UiO

Current and future cosmological surveys demand the development of simulated universes. This is important to be prepared for the data analysis, its understanding and for getting more reliable results. In this colloquium I will show one of the many ways to create galaxy mock catalogues. This pipeline can be used to mimic any kind of galaxy sample, for any survey and using any halo catalog as an input. Finally, I will show an example of 2 thousand  mock catalogues of BAO sample for the DES survey using COLA fast simulations.

Euclid scientists have created the largest simulated galaxy catalogue ever produced, the Euclid Flagship mock galaxy catalogue. The simulation reproduces with exquisite precision the emergence of the large-scale structure of the Universe – galaxies and galaxy clusters within the wispy network of the cosmic web that comprises both dark and ‘normal’ matter. Credits: J. Carretero (PIC), P. Tallada (PIC), S. Serrano (ICE) and the Euclid Consortium Cosmological Simulations SWG
Publisert 15. sep. 2019 02:07 - Sist endret 4. okt. 2019 16:12