Fredagskollokvium: From Galaxies to Fundamental Physics

Adriano Agnello, Assistant professor, Dark Cosmology Centre, Copenhagen.

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Adriano Agnello, Assistant professor, Dark Cosmology Centre, Copenhagen.

Our knowledge of galaxies has become more and more tightly tied to our understanding of cosmology and, ultimately, of fundamental physics. Here, I will cover some recent work over three regimes of masses and cosmological distances, from dwarf galaxies in the Local Universe, out to lensing by galaxy clusters, all the way up to gravitationally lensed quasars and the baryonic sound-horizon scale. Each of these science cases has twofold applications, both for our understanding of galaxy evolution processes and for the fundamental workings of gravity and tests of departures from the concordance scenario. I will show how `big data' and advanced inference techniques are being used to make the most of large, heterogeneous and noisy datasets for discovery and modelling purposes. I will also illustrate the prospects for accurate measurements of galaxy properties and percent-level cosmography (and consequences for particle physics) in the era of Euclid, the Vera Rubin Observatory (LSST), and Extremely Large telescopes.

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There is a ruler in the sky, and theory and measurements disagree on its length. Either we got something wrong on galaxies, or our preferred paradigm of fundamental physics must be extended. In the upcoming decade, accurate models on larger samples will make these measurements watertight. Credits: A.Agnello & TDCOSMO.

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