Fredagskollokvium: Probing gravity in the strong field regime

Thomas Sotiriou, Professor of Gravitational Physics, Faculty of Science, University of Nottingham

Thomas P. Sotiriou,  University of Nottingham.

Gravitational waves astronomy promises to reveal to us the nature and structure of black holes and compact stars. This information comes encoded in the waveforms current and future detectors will pick up.  Extracting it is well known to be a significant data analysis challenge. Interpreting it, and using it to probe gravity itself and fundamental physics, is a whole different challenge, that involves modelling strong gravity beyond general relativity and/or the standard model. I will give an overview of recent progress and future perspectives in this direction.


Bildet kan inneholde: spiral, blå, vortex, spiralgalakse, galaxy.
Illustration of the merger of two black holes and the gravitational waves that ripple outward as the black holes spiral toward each other. Image credit: LIGO/T. Pyle


Publisert 16. aug. 2019 17:14 - Sist endret 16. jan. 2020 13:52