Fredagskollokvium: Shedding light on gas around galaxies across cosmic time

Michele Fumagalli, Physics Department, University of Milano Bicocca.

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Dr. Michele Fumagalli,Physics Department, University of Milano Bicocca, Italy. Photo: private.

The evolution of galaxies is closely connected to the gas environment in which galaxies reside. Traditionally, this tenuous gas that cycles in and out of galaxies has been studied primarily in absorption using quasar spectroscopy.

The deployment of large integral field spectrographs at 8 meter telescopes, and in particular MUSE at VLT, is now transforming our view of the interplay between the ambient gas and galaxies by enabling spectroscopy in emission at very low surface brightness.

In this talk, I will present highlights from multiple large programmes that are starting to shed light onto the link between gas and galaxies as a function of cosmic time.


dots, bue gas,
Map of the cosmic web gas (blue) superposed to the starlight of galaxies as seen by MUSE at the Very Large Telescope (Credits: Hideki Umehata/PA).

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Attendees will be muted during the colloquium, but will have the opportunity to ask questions at the end by clicking on the "raise hand” button (or send a request via chat).

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