Fredagskollokvium: BeyondPlanck – Bayesian end-to-end Analysis of Planck LFI

Mathew Galloway, Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics, University of Oslo.

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Mathew Galloway is postdoctoral research fellow at the Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics, UiO. Photo: ITA/UiO.

BeyondPlanck is a novel Bayesian re-analysis of Planck LFI data, performing the full data analysis all the way from raw diodes to final cosmological products in a single integrated framework. This pipeline produces a set of samples that characterize the joint posterior distribution of all modeled parameters, including gain, correlated noise parameters and bandpasses, astrophysical parameters such as synchrotron emission, dust emission and frequency maps, and cosmological parameters such as CMB maps and power spectra.
Our results are consistent with the current LCDM model, but use primarily the LFI instrument, and serve as an important cross-check of the Planck CMB results, which are dominated by HFI.
We show novel measurements of both the optical depth to re-ionization (tau) and the CMB dipole that are informed by full error propagation of all modeled systematic effects.
We will also discuss the computational requirements of our pipeline and show that it is easily generalizable to both new and legacy datasets, an effort that is ongoing within the Cosmoglobe framework.

illustration containing a satellite, signal, plots and maps of the universe
The BeyondPlanck pipeline integrates the entirety of a traditional CMB analysis pipeline into a single end-to-end framework. The data goes from raw timesstreams, through callibration, to maps, components, power spectra and cosmological parameters all within the Commander3 code. Credits: BeyondPlanck collaboration.

This event is hybrid. It will take physically place in room 304 of Svein Rosselands hus, Blindern, and it will be streamed on Zoom at:

Meeting ID: 684 0526 3774
Passcode: 716555

Attendees will be muted during the colloquium, but will have the opportunity to ask questions at the end by clicking on the "raise hand” button (or send a request via chat).

Emneord: institute seminar, fredagskollokvium, Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB), BeyondPlanck, Cosmology, Kosmologi, Kosmisk bakgrunnsstråling (CMB)
Publisert 7. feb. 2022 14:41 - Sist endret 11. feb. 2022 09:36