Norwegian Environmental Chemistry Symposium NECS 2022

The Norwegian Environmental Chemistry Symposium Series builds upon a long lasting tradition of Norwegian conferences on environmental chemistry. After pausing of the conferences since 2013, they resurged as a continuous meeting series with NECS 2020 held in September 2020 in Loen, Norway. The new symposium series is organized under the auspices of the Norwegian Chemical Society´s Division for Analytical Chemistry.

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Catch the pulse of environmental chemistry at Geilo in 2022
This symposium is addressing leading experts, authorities, regulators and scientists within all aspects of environmental chemistry. The symposium will provide an interdisciplinary platform for students, academic, industrial researchers and public managers to present and discuss the most recent advancements, trends and concerns as well as practical challenges and solutions in environmental chemistry.

Environmental researchers and managers will be invited for plenary lectures to address the past, present and future issues of environmental chemistry. We invite you to provide an oral platform or poster presentation at this symposium. We sincerely hope that you will respond positively to this invitation and call for papers. Please inform your colleagues about this opportunity to share and discuss recent research results and to get scientifically updated in a typical Norwegian informal setting. We look forward to your active participation in this scientific event. Following tradition, there will be time for outdoor activities during a three hours lunch break.

The symposium invites contributions on characterization, analysis, monitoring, prevention, treatment and control of anthropogenic and naturally occurring chemical contaminants across all environmental matrices as well as related natural element cycling processes. Contributions that address the impact of chemical compounds on ecosystems and human health are appreciated.

Special attention will be given to:

  • Life cycle assessment
  • Material flow analysis
  • Environmental decision making
  • Biogeochemistry in the Anthropocene
  • Risk assessments
  • Trends in boreal and polar environments
  • Climate change and green energy
  • Human exposure and health
  • Green and sustainable chemistry
  • Ambient and workplace air pollutants

Registration and Abstracts

Register at our website and send a one-page abstract to the Chairman by 3 January 2022.

Yngvar Thomassen, E-mail, Tel +47-23 19 53 20, Mobile +47-995 10 521

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