CBA-fieldwork on Svalbard

Three of our researchers recently went out in the field. Read more about why they went to Svalbard and what they did there. 

Sampling in Svalbard

Alex and Laurent sampling for microorganisms close to Kongsbreen glacier

At CBA, we do research at various scales, from atomic to regional processes, and literally from the sky to the sea. We use theoretical analyses, models, and data collection through experiments and field observations. We will present many examples of our approaches and studies in the future, and begin with a recently completed fieldwork at Svalbard. 
This work is part of an international project that maps freshwater diversity related to climate, organic carbon and nutrient content. This year we went out to analyse the microbial communities using environmental DNA (eDNA), link it to water chemistry, nutrients and dissolved gases (CO2 and CH4). The fieldwork involved carrying equipment in hilly terrain, along with a cooler for quick freezing of samples, and even weapons (yes, we encountered two polar bears!). Therefore we opted for a minimalist approach that worked out fine, and which we intend to use for other sites later.

On the way along the Kongsfjord for a long day of sampling. 
The lighter colour of the mountains indicates how much the glacier has retreated.
Measuring station in Svalbard
Recently thawed permafrost at Ny-Ålesund. You can also see the Zeppelinfjell  and  NILU's measurement station in the background.
A glimpse of the local fauna: A Rock ptarmigan with its chick
By Dag Hessen
Published Aug. 16, 2019 10:38 AM - Last modified Mar. 2, 2022 12:39 PM