CBA at the museum

CBA joined this year's "Lysvandring" event and spent an evening at the museum with lights, research, and conversations.  

Picture depicting an experiment about co2 in the atmosphere

Elin demonstrating the effects of CO2 and water vapour in the atmosphere

In February, CBA happily joined the Lysvandring event of the  Oslo Life Science Conference together with the chemistry department at the Technical Museum of Oslo.  Colourful lights lit the stands of the different research groups in the vast halls of the museum, which otherwise were left in darkness. This arrangement gave the event an exceptional and cosy atmosphere.

cba stand at the museum
Our stand just before the event started. 

At our stand, visitors could learn about different aspects of the carbon cycle. Starting from a model of the size and the fluxes between the various carbon pools, the visitor could see first hand the "heat-trapping" effects of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in an experiment. We visualised the greenhouse effect and the difference between greenhouse gases and other atmospheric gases with a physical model, where people could simulate radiation on its way through the atmosphere with laser pointers.  

Visitors at a science event
Our chemistry station, where visitors could test how CO2 acidifies water and how this dissolves limestone.

In a final station, we conducted small chemistry experiments together with our visitors. In one they could blow the carbon dioxide into the water with a pH indicator, which showed them the acidifying effect of dissolved CO2. And in the other one, we compared limestone in carbonated water and regular tap water, where the slightly acidic water dissolved the calcium carbonate.


Image may contain: Purple, Design, Organism, Fun, Event.Our visitors were very diverse, ranging from families with kids, over couples, to young people. And all of them were very eager to learn and interested in the carbon cycle in the times of climate change. Thanks to all the friendly and openminded people who visited our stand, and to our crew (Rolf, Elin, Elina) for making our stand possible.

Published Mar. 13, 2020 10:24 AM - Last modified Mar. 13, 2020 10:24 AM