New faces: Christina Nadeau

CBA welcomes a new PhD student!

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This month, a new PhD student, Christina Nadeau, started on a CBA project. We look forward to working with her! Here she presents herself: 

I’m a British/American who grew up in Stavanger. I initially started my academic career in Geosciences but most recently graduated my MSc in Climate Change: Environment, Science and Policy. My PhD research at UiO will revolve around the concept of “tipping points” and seek to address linkages between climate feedbacks and societal perception of climate risks. This will involve  interdisciplinary research investigating the convergence and understanding of the relationships between natural and social tipping points.


Contact information to Christina Nadeau here.

Published Jan. 21, 2021 10:06 AM - Last modified Mar. 2, 2022 12:37 PM