New paper : The Arctic carbon cycle and its response to changing climate

In a new review paper, researchers have summarized the evidence for Arctic climate change and the effects on the carbon cycle. They also re-evaluated some of the observational evidence for changing Arctic carbon budgets. CBA scientist Frans-Jan Parmentier is a co-author of the study, which was published in Current Climate Change Reports.

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They write that observations suggest a more active CO2 cycle in high northern latitude ecosystems. Evidence points to increased uptake by boreal forests and Arctic ecosystems, as well as increasing respiration, especially in autumn. However, there is currently no strong evidence of increased CH4 emissions. Long-term observations using both bottom-up (e.g., process models or flux observations) and top-down (atmospheric inversion models) approaches are essential for understanding changing carbon cycle budgets. Consideration of atmospheric transport is critical for interpretation of top-down observations of atmospheric carbon.

You can read the paper here.

Published Mar. 10, 2021 1:35 PM - Last modified Mar. 31, 2022 11:13 AM