Velkommen til workshop med David Stroupe

David Stroupe, en av forfatterne av boka Preparing science teachers through practice-based teacher education. Og her betyr ikke «practice» bare/først og fremst skolepraksis, men praksiser – altså ting læreren gjør i klasserommet – som fremmer læring, basert på boka Ambitious science teaching.

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Photo: David Stroupe

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10-10.30 Seminar kick-off: introductions, background on the different groups involved (ILS, Skolelabben, Naturfagsenteret, Oslo Met)

10.30-11 Doris Jorde: Presentation on different models of teacher training in Norway 

11-12: David Stroupe: Preparing science teachers for equitable instruction

"Teachers hold immense power in classrooms to open up or constrain opportunities for student learning.

While watching teachers enact equitable instruction is wonderful, we know that teachers are not born being able to help all students learn. How, then, can we prepare new teachers to enact equitable instruction?

Here, I will describe teacher educator pedagogies as we design and enact opportunities for preservice teachers to learn about, rehearse, and receive feedback regarding their emerging instruction. I will also describe design-based research conducted with preservice teachers to examine extended opportunities to rehearse equitable instruction in methods courses."

12-13 Lunch at CCSE

13-13.20 Sonja Mork: Knowledge domains for science teacher educators  

13.20-13.40 Ellen Karoline Henriksen: Preparing 'research literate' science teachers

13.40-14 Berit Haug:Taking 21st century skills from vision to classroom: What teachers highlight as supportive professional development

14-14.30: Niklas Karlsen: How can science teacher students learn to program a  simulation of a science phenomenon through a 'use - modify - create' approach?

14.30-16 Discussion

David Stroupe is an associate professor of teacher education and science education, the associate director of STEM Teacher Education at the CREATE for STEM Institute, and the Director of Science and Society at State at Michigan State University.

He has three overlapping areas of research interests anchored around ambitious and equitable teaching.

1) First, he frames classrooms as science practice communities. Using lenses from Science, Technology, and Society (STS) and the History and Philosophy of Science (HPS), he examines how teachers and students disrupt epistemic injustice through the negotiation of power, knowledge, and epistemic agency.

2) Second, he examines how beginning teachers learn from practice in and across their varied contexts.

3) Third, he studies how teacher preparation programs can provide support and opportunities for beginning teachers to learn from practice.

David has a background in biology and taught secondary life science for four years. David is the recipient of the Exemplary Research Award for the American Educational Association's Division K (Teaching and Teacher Education), the Early Career Research Award from the National Association for Research in Science Teaching, and "Research Worth Reading" from the National Association for Research in Science Teaching and the National Science Teacher Association.

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