Oslo PER Summer Institute June 13-17 2022

We would like to invite members of the physics education research groups of Michigan State University, University of Colorado-Boulder, and Oregon State University, as well as our Scandinavian PER colleagues, to a summer institute held in Oslo, Norway, and hosted by the Center for Computing in Science Education at the University of Oslo.

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Who are we?

The Center for Computing in Science Education is a Norwegian Center for excellence in education that aims to become an international hub for research-based integration of computational methods in education. Situated in the department of physics at the
University of Oslo, Norway, we do research and development on how computation can
improve science teaching and learning, with a major emphasis on contributing to the
growing body of research on physics teaching and learning.

What will the workshop involve?

The workshop will have a focus on networking, collaboration, presenting current
research results and planning future joint projects. The workshop will resemble a
summer school that is common in many areas of physics. Over the course of the week, there will be opportunities to present current research projects, results, and methods; keynote talks by both senior and early-career researchers; planning sessions for future collaborations between the groups; and opportunities for socialization and networking across the different research groups and centers. Based on interest, we will also plan to organize poster sessions, and/or methods workshops for researchers interested in expanding their methodological bases.

Each day will additionally have a specific theme, with a keynote talk on that topic from one of the research groups:

Monday: Computation (UiO Keynote)
Tuesday: Informal physics education (MSU Keynote) 
Wednesday: Physics education research beyond cognitivist theories of learning
Thursday: Laboratory instruction (CU Keynote)
Friday: Upper-division physics education (OSU Keynote)

Why here? Why now? Why these specific groups?

This workshop will be funded by a travel grant from the Norwegian government,
specifically meant to facilitate travel and collaboration between the University of Oslo,
Michigan State University, Oregon State University, and the University of Colorado
Boulder. The funding agency limits participation primarily to these programs.
Travel costs, accommodations, and a per-diem food allowance will all be covered by the travel grant for attendees from these institutions.

Preliminary Agenda

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Sign up! (attendees from the USA) 

Sign up! (attendees from Scandinavia) 


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