The bi-weekly ODD seminar series at CCSE: Three different lightning talks on educational research projects

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Join us via Zoom

Three persons will have a mini-talk: 

1) Audun Skau Hansen, Department of Chemistry: 

"The Chemistry Department at UiO has over the last years integrated more computationally oriented methods into the undergraduate programs (chemistry and material science).

In order to smoothly adapt to these changes and coordinate computationally oriented teaching across courses, we have established "B-tjenesten" (Beregningstjenesten); a student-driven arena where students can get informal tutoring, find collaborators, be inspired and develop their skills in using computers to solve problems in chemistry.

I'll give a brief overview and talk about how we plan to include B-tjenesten in further development of computationally oriented teaching at the department." 

2) Cathrine Wahlstrøm Tellefsen, KURT: 

"Teaching computing in science education or teaching how to teach computing in science education?

Some reflections based on two years of in-service teacher training in computational thinking and computing for science and math teachers."

3) Gabriel Balaban, Department of Informatics: 

"Ten simple rules for quick and dirty scientific programming. How to do programming per se. The focus is on how to do this in the scientific setting, and how this becomes different from the best practice recommendations for the industry setting. We think it is the first paper of this kind. It should be highly relevant to people from math and physics, and it would be great to get viewpoints from people here."

This seminar is part of the Odd seminar series at CCSE. There will be 3 Odd seminars in 2020


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