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Photo of Jarle Breivik
Tid: 10. okt. 2022 14:15

Within the past decade, computation has become increasingly prevalent in school standards and curriculum across the world. One framework, computational thinking, has arisen as the dominent framework in educational settings.

However, computational thinking is a difficult concept to operationalize and has many different, conflicting definitions.

Another conceptualization of how students learn computation, computational literacy, presents a more straightforward definition. Computational literacy breaks computational skills into three pillars: material (programming-related), cognitive (translating between material and programming aspects), and social (communicating around computation and results).

First, we will present an introduction to the computational literacy framework. We will then have a discussion around computational literacy, its tranlsation to different fields, its affordances and constraints, and its potential uses in research and teaching settings. 

Hannah Sabo and Fridjof Gjengset

Tid: 14. okt. 2022 10:00

Electrostatics in Mesoscale Simulations of Biological Membranes using the Hybrid Particle-Field Approach