Seminar with professor Anne Solberg from the Department of Informatics (IFI), UiO

Professor Anne Solberg from the Department of Informatics (IFI), UiO, will give a talk on the very hot topic "Deep learning for image analysis applications - overview and challenges". Right after the seminar, there will be pizzas and an opportunity to mingle with the speaker and others.

We will also arrange a Game Night, with a diversity of games, including board games and video games. The occasionally Game Night is a great opportunity to socialize with other Computational Science students and reveal the worst loser in the group. This time, we even have access to a ping-pong table, which means that we can arrange a table tennis tournament if enough people are interested. We suggest that we start the tournament at 6pm, those who are interested should sign up before we start. The winners will be provided with prizes as a thanks for their effort, and snacks will be available for everyone.

Publisert 15. nov. 2019 16:49 - Sist endret 15. nov. 2019 16:49