CEED at EGU17 in Vienna

Every year scientists from all over the world gather in Vienna to meet at the European Geosciences Union's (EGU) General Assembly.  In 2017 this conference will be held from 23-28th April, and several CEED members are involved in convening various exciting sessions throughout the week, listed below. 

Further EGU17 events and session details visit: www.egu2017.eu

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From hydrothermal systems to mud volcanoes: structure, evolution and monitoring of active and fossile piercements (co-organized)
Adriano Mazzini, Matteo Lupi

The geodynamics of sea level change
Nicolas Flament, Bilal Haq, Clinton Conrad

Geological, geochemical, and geophysical perspectives on subduction initiation (co-organised with GSA-SGT)
Douwe J. J. van Hinsbergen, Nancy Rigss, Susanne Buiter, Sarah Roeske

Learning from failed models and negative results (Posters only)
Cedric Thieulot, Susanne Buiter, Laetitia Le Pourhiet

Where is the Wilson Cycle heading? Including the Arne Richter Award lecture by João Duarte. Co-sponsored by AGU-Tectonophysics
Susanne Buiter, Anthony Watts

Mass Extinctions, Volcanism, Impacts, and Catastrophic Environmental Changes: Observations and Processes (sponsored by IAS and SEPM)  (co-organized)
Sverre Planke, Thierry Adatte, Eric Font, Morgan Jones, David Bond, Yadong Sun, Stephen Grasby

The Caledonian orogen of the North Atlantic region: understanding tectonic processes in collisional belts 
Jaroslaw Majka, Deta Gasser, Fernando Corfu

The Arctic connection - geodynamic, geologic and oceanographic development of the Arctic (co-organized)
Grace E. Shephard, Sergei Lebedev, Kai Berglar, Matt O'Regan, Alexey Shulgin

Subduction dynamics from surface to deep mantle (co-organized)
Oğuz H Göğüş, Taras Gerya, Valentina Magni, Wim Spakman 

Analogue and numerical modelling of tectonic processes (co-organized)
Frank Zwaan, Fabio Corbi, Ylona van Dinther, Valentina Magni

Mantle dynamics in the Earth and other planetary bodies
Paul Tackley, Christine Thomas, Stephanie C. Werner, Sébastien Merkel

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