Staff - Section for Earth Evolution and Dynamics

The list contains 70 staff members.
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Aller, Abigail Louise Researcher +47-22856484
Andersen, Torgeir Bjørge Professor +47-22856415 +47-95120453 (mob) Tectonics, Structural geology, Geology
Augland, Lars Eivind Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22856926 95700108 Isotop geology, Structural geology
Birkelund, Anniken Rotstigen Senior Executive Officer +47-22854061
Bostic, Joshua Neilson Doctoral Research Fellow
Breivik, Asbjørn Associate Professor +47-22856676 Hot-spot ridge interaction, Magmatic processes, Marine geophysics
Bruland, Charlotte Research Assistant
Buiter, Susanne Researcher
Bultel, Benjamin Researcher
Busengdal, Marte Research Assistant
Callegaro, Sara Postdoctoral Fellow
Conrad, Clinton Phillips Professor +47-22854092 Geodynamics, Tectonics, Geophysics
Cowie, Leanne Helen Postdoctoral Fellow
Crameri, Fabio Postdoctoral Fellow
Domeier, Mathew Researcher +47-22854076
Dubrovin, Pavel Researcher +47-22856922
Fallahi, Mohammad Javad Postdoctoral Fellow
Gaina, Carmen Professor +47-22856042
Gilje, Kristina Research Assistant
Gundersen, Odin Research Assistant
Hagopian, William Martin Senior Engineer
Hannah, Judith L. Researcher +47-22856498
Haugland, Vanja Senior Executive Officer +47-22854061
Heimdal, Thea Hatlen Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22855655
Heyn, Björn Holger Doctoral Research Fellow