Upcoming events

Time and place: Jan. 28, 2020 9:00 AMJan. 31, 2020 4:30 PM, University of Bergen

Do you want to use illustration as an effective communication tool? Learn the essentials of graphic design and visual communication theory, drawing by hand and drawing digitally during this 4-day course. Please apply before 15 December 2019.

Time and place: Feb. 17, 2020Feb. 21, 2020, University of Tromsø

Holger Stunitz offers the intensive course GEO-8131 Deformation processes (5 ECTS credits) again in February 2020 at The University of Tromsø.

Registration deadline for the course is: 1 December 2019.

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Time and place: Feb. 24, 2020Feb. 28, 2020, Fjordlsottet, Osterøy

Welcome to the DEEP Writing Retreat 2020!  Apply within 26 January to join.