Intensive course: Deep Earth and Planetary Mineralogy and Dynamics

May 8-13 Reidar Trønnes offers his 5 ECTS intensive course Deep Earth and Planetary Mineralogy and Dynamics at CEED in Oslo.

Apply within 15 February through our online form
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The course treats Earth and planetary differentiation to form core, mantle and crust and gives insights into the seismic structure, heat production, heat flow and convective dynamics of the Earth. The melting and subsolidus phase relations and mineral physics of silicate rocks and Fe-dominated alloys are central to our understanding of Earth and planetary dynamics and evolution. The identification of primordial, melt-depleted and deeply recycled crustal material by radiogenic isotope systematics will also be reviewed.

For questions regarding course content, please contact Reidar Trønnes.


Published Dec. 5, 2016 1:18 PM - Last modified Feb. 10, 2017 1:05 PM