Intensive course on the formation and evolution of Large igneous provinces

September 11 - 15 2017 the Norwegian research school DEEP offers an intensive course on large igneous provinces and their environmental impacts in Oslo. Henrik Svensen, Trond Torsvik and Hope Jahren are among the lecturers.

Course content

This intensive PhD course will cover many of the key subjects related to the formation and evolution of Large igneous provinces (LIPs). You will learn about

  • LIPs and mantle processes
  • plate reconstructions
  • how to date basaltic rocks
  • volcanology of LIPs
  • sill emplacement and geochemistry
  • contact metamorphism and degassing
  • global carbon and sulphur cycles
  • atmospheric effects of degassing
  • the usage of carbon isotopes and environmental proxies
  • the relationships between LIPs and environmental changes based on case studies from events like the end-Permian, the end-Triassic, the Toarcian, and the PETM

Time and place

The course is taught intensively at the University of Oslo 11 - 15 September 2017. You will receive literature to prepare in advance and get approximately one month to finish a home exam after the lecture week.

Course structure and lecturers

Prelimenary course scedule

Beside lectures, the course includes

  • exercises in thermal modelling
  • rock displays
  • lab visits
  • a field trip in Oslo.

The course will be taught by CEED researchers and international collaborators, including Trond Torsvik, Hope Jahren, Dougal Jerram, Sara Callegaro, Clinton Conrad, Carmen Gaina, Lars Augland, Sverre Planke, Christian Tegner, Dani Schmid, Øyvind Hammer, Wolfram Kürschner, William Hagopian and Henrik Svensen.


Registration is closed. If you have questions, please contact

Special topics lecture series

The intensive course is part of the research school DEEPs special topics series. For more detailed information on course regulations, see: GEO-DEEP9500 - Special Topics on Dynamics and Evolution of the Earth and Planets

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