Intensive course: Solid Earth – Fluid Earth Interactions

April 16 - 20 in spring semester 2018 the Norwegian research school DEEP offers an intensive PhD course of 5 ECTS credits on Solid Earth - Fluid Earth Interactions in Oslo.

Course content

This intensive PhD course addresses topics like material recycling across the geospheres and how mantle dynamics, volcanism, plate tectonics influences long-term, global environmental and climatic changes.

After completing this course you will have obtained fundamental knowledge of

  • formation and evolution of hydrosphere and atmosphere in relation to solid Earth.
  • boundary and interphase definitions (e.g., of the lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary) based on geophysical and mineralogical constraints.
  • how the Wilson cycle – the dispersion and formation of supercontinents – is manifested on Earth.
  • how various tectonic processes on continents and oceans (linked to sea-floor spreading, sedimentation and erosion, subduction, and volcanism) influence variations of global geochemical cycles.
  • links between mantle convection, dynamic topography and anomalous subsidence and uplift on continents and Oceans.
  • evolution of oceanic basins and long-term sea-level, oceanographic and climate variations.

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Time and place

The course is taught intensively at the University of Oslo (Blindern) 16 - 20 April, 2018.


The course is centered on a one week session (about 40 h) held in Oslo. This includes lectures and practical.

The course will be taught by researchers and international collaborators, including Carmen Gaina, Clint Conrad, Valentina Magni, Torgeir Andersen, Grace Shephard from the Centre of Earth Evolution and Dynamics (CEED) and Joanne Whittaker and Mike Coffin from Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS), Australia.

Prior to the course

Prior to the course week the students will receive course material and prepare for an obligatory presentation on a given topic. Course literature will be pre-selected and accessible to course participants in due time prior to the course.


  • Short presentation on a given topic
  • Home examination

Home examination occurs after the course week.


Apply within 15 February 2018 through our online form


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