Intensive course: Deep Earth and Planetary Mineralogy and Dynamics

If you are interested in joining Reidar Trønnes intensive course on Deep Earth and Planetary Mineralogy and Dynamics online, save the dates April 12 - 16 2021. 

Course content

The course treats Earth and planetary differentiation to form core, mantle and crust and gives insights into the seismic structure, heat production, heat flow and convective dynamics of the Earth. The melting and subsolidus phase relations and mineral physics of silicate rocks and Fe-dominated alloys are central to our understanding of Earth and planetary dynamics and evolution. The identification of primordial, melt-depleted and deeply recycled crustal material by radiogenic isotope systematics will also be reviewed.
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Register within 25 February 2021 by filling out our online form.

The course is mainly for PhD-students and postdoctoral fellows. Other researchers will be admitted if space allows. PhD-students belonging to the Norwegian Research School for Dynamics and evolution of Earth and Planets (DEEP) will have first priority, especially in terms of the student presentations and home exam required for an official University of Oslo credit (5 ECTS). If space allows, other PhD-students may also register as "visiting PhD - student" at the University of Oslo. This is easily done through the form. Within reasonable limits, other students and postdoctoral researchers may attend the course without presentation and home exam. 

The course has no participation fee. 


The course will be taught from Monday 12 April until Friday 16 April. The course will be 100% on Zoom. Link will be sent to all participants after the deadline for registration. 

Prior to the course

Prior to the course week the students will receive course material and prepare for an obligatory presentation on a given topic. Course literature will be pre-selected and accessible to course participants in due time prior to the course.


A short presentation on a given topic and a home examination. The home examination occurs after the course week.


For more information about the course please contact: 


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